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  • Bill of Rights
  • Campus Security
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Security Officer Ethics
  • Taser Certification
  • Firearm Certification



It has been a great experience working with you the past several years. I never thought a lot about armed security officers until I actually worked in this job. You brought a level of training and professionalism that made us feel important and competent in performing the many thankless tasks we face involving highly disruptive…
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Thank you for all you and your group do to make this compound safe. You are very much appreciated even though it is seldom said. I have worked in similar environments but the numerous tasks and attention to detail with everything you guys do were never seen in my previous assignments. Keep up the great…
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I wanted to take a moment to commend you for the leadership you exhibited during your tenure as the security supervisor. In my role I see every visitor, staff member and patient. Many have commented on the professionalism of your team and the “feeling of safety” while here on this facility. Few people in your…
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More About Us

About Us

Special Operations Group (SOG) is a security company founded by Dan Wickersham, a US Army retired Lieutenant Colonel and an experienced senior company executive.   Located in Hiawassee, GA, the business provides high level security and protection training to organizations and certifies Georgia Armed Security Officers.  In addition, SOG provides armed security officers for private and public venues.  Regularly scheduled security patrol and transport of money for deposit is part of the services provided by SOG.

Why choose us

Dan Wickersham is a retired US Army Officer with over 30 years of Active and Active Reserve experience where he held a Top Secret security clearance his entire career.  His civilian background includes the position of President and Chief Operating Officer  (COO) at Kastle Security.  Additionally, he was founder, President-COO of Worldport Communications and GlobalNet International, both publically held companies (NASDAQ).

Our experience

Bachelor of Science Degree
Masters Degree in Business Administration
Masters Degree in Military Science
Business Certification
Military service - 30 years